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What is Cashout Points?

Started by admin 2023-05-07 at 00:45
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hello dear bbux members

In terms of clarity, I want to explain what is Cashout Points.

All you need to reach 1000 Cashout Points and request a withdrawal. You can easily get Cashout Points by clicking Offerwall Ads.

Each $0.0001 gain will give you 1 Cashout Point. If you click on a high-value ad, you can earn cashout points up to the ad value. For example, if you click $0.0025 value ad, you will earn 25 Cashout Points.

Note: Cashout Points can only be earned from Offerwall Ads.
1000 Cashout Points will reduce after each payment request.
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Un point de retrait, c'est quoi ? En gros, le point de retrait permet au client de choisir où il veut recevoir sa commande. Il sera informé de la disponibilité de son colis dans le point de retrait et n'aura plus qu'à le retirer.
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next time write in English please I don't understand this but I guess you are not happy about cash point this is because this is not a PTC site and never was this was and always will be just offer survey site ads just extra and PTC sites are dead ages ago because people not buying ads

good luck and have a nice day
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Nice Information Admin,.

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