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What is Cashout Points?




hello dear bbux members

In terms of clarity, I want to explain what is Cashout Points.

All you need to reach 1000 Cashout Points and request a withdrawal. You can easily get Cashout Points by clicking Offerwall Ads.

Each $0.0001 gain will give you 1 Cashout Point. If you click on a high-value ad, you can earn cashout points up to the ad value. For example, if you click $0.0025 value ad, you will earn 25 Cashout Points.

Note: Cashout Points can only be earned from Offerwall Ads.
1000 Cashout Points will reduce after each payment request.

When i get my payment?





Please pay attention to these withdrawal rules according to the payment processors.

These fees are deducted according to the amount determined by the payment processors. Members who use the processor will know and understand

Payments will be processed within 1-30 business days. Please don't ask for your payments before this time passed.

1. Perfect Money

The minimum withdrawal request should be $0.10
0% Fee

2. Payeer

The minimum withdrawal request should be $0.10
0% Fee

3. AirTM

The minimum withdrawal request should be $0.10
0% Fee


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