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PASSIVE INCOME - 0.000500 $ every 10 seconds / Surfing 0.4 $ per day

Started by Leon7997 2021-08-17 at 12:29
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"Original rotator advertising service"
Affordable and Effective Advertising Solutions | Easy and reliable opportunity to make money on the Internet

  • Registration

  • Payout screen at the bottom of the page and rates for PTP link promotion

    Lacking the funds to promote? No problem! Check out our SURF module.
    where you get paid up to $ 0.000500 for every site you view. You can earn up to $ 0.40 per day just by looking at all of our daily listings.

    Tabs on the site

  • Dashboard - Home page where the income information and PTP link for promotion are located

  • Terms & Policies - Information on how to make money on the site and blacklist of sites

  • News - Fresh information about all updates

  • Paid to SURF - Internal surfing per day is available for viewing 5 - 10 second sites for 0.4 $

  • Activity contest - Information on crediting a bonus for promoting a PTP link

  • Statistics - Daily detailed information on all income and referrals by PTP link

  • Referrals - Referral link and detailed income statement for each referral

  • Cashout - You can order a payment from the site from $ 5 to Payeer, PayPal, Skrill, FaucetPay, bank card

  • Traffic Sources - Help section for promoting PTP links - Many sites - Worth exploring

  • Payouts - Information about the last 50 payments from the site of all participants

  • Contact Us - Contact the administration

  • PTP Link Promotion Information

    REAL traffic sources

    Grid and prize programs
    Manual PTC programs
    Manual programs TE
    Revshare sites

    Social sites

    INVALID traffic sources
    Rotary advertising services
    Link shortening services
    Pop-ups / pop-ups
    Autosurf programs
    PTP programs
    What can be done on the site


    Get paid for PROMOTING your PTP link
    Get paid for SURF our advertising
    Get money to ENJOY your friends
    Multiple payout options
    No restrictions on earnings or referrals
    Detailed tracking of user activity
    Additional incentives based on activity
    Fast payment on time, every time
    Fast and professional support

    For advertisers

    Get referrals or partners to any program
    Create a massive bottom line easily and quickly
    Generation of leads, sales or subscriptions
    Make your website or blog famous on the Internet
    Rotator or banner ads available
    Advertise up to 5 links at a time
    Request a URL change once every 24 hours
    Install and forget an ad service
    Fast and professional support
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